SUNDAY, 12 JULY, 2020

Holistic whole brain imaging: from easy sample preparation to high-resolution light sheet microscopy

Chair: V.S. Palladino, Germany

 09:30-10:30Industry Symposium supported by

V.S. Palladino, Germany
09:35-09:55Multiparameter immunofluorescent analysis and light sheet microscopy: from high-content 2D to 3D imaging in neuroscience
M. Jungblut, Germany
09:55-10:30Functional imaging of interneuron influence on monosynaptically connected place cells in CA1
T. Geiller, USA

SUNDAY, 12 JULY, 2020

Two Novel technologies for Neuroscience research: specificity and affinity of recombinant antibodies & nucleic acid isolation method

Chair: T. Sindelar, USA

 17:00-18:30Industry Symposium supported by 

30 minutesZooMAb®- a Novel Recombinant Antibody Technology”
W. Speckmann, USA
10 MinutesQ&A
W. Speckmann, USA
30 MinutesAnatomy of nucleic acid sample preparation
K. Mechling , USA
10 MinutesQ&A
K. Mechling , USA

Monday, 13 JULY, 2020

Translational tasks of cognitive flexibility

 17:00-19:00Industry Symposium supported by

17:00-17:05Drug discovery in cognition: the need for translational readouts
M. von Heimendahl, Germany
17:05-17:10Precision cognitive assessment in humans
A. Hampshire, UK
17:10-17:15Human Translation Models of Cognition: Drug induced Enhancement may not look the way you expected it too
G. Dawson, UK

Blending neuroscience and computational approaches to the study of behavioural flexibility

J. Dalley, UK

17:20-17:25How simple are reversals! How simple are reversals?
V. Brown, UK
17:25-17:30Mouse-Human Studies of Cognitive Control
F. Papaleo, Italy
17:30-19:00Panel Discussion

Tuesday, 14 JULY, 2020

Bridging the Knowledge Brain Debates

Chair: Anna Williamson, TV and Radio Presenter, UK
 17:00-19:30Industry Symposium supported by


60 MinutesMental health crisis in a knowledge economy

This debate will discuss the relationship between stress, neuroplasticity and resilience and its relevance to mental wellbeing
both during and after pandemics.

Debate: P. Litchfield, What Works Centre for Wellbeing, UK
A. Campbell, Journalist, Broadcaster and Author, UK
C. Sandi, FENS President, Switzerland
A. Jack, Financial Times, UK
A. Williamson, TV and Radio Presenter, UK

15 MinutesDebate 1 Q&A 
60 MinutesDoes mindfulness really work?

This debate focuses on the role of mindfulness and whether it can achieve a noticeable impact in our daily lives.

S. Lazar, Harvard Medical School, USA
M. Farias, Coventry University, UK
M. Doraiswamy, Duke University School of Medicine, USA
A. Williamson, TV and Radio Presenter, UK
W. Williams, Beeja Meditation, UK

15 MinutesDebate 2 Q&A