Help Spread the Word About FENS Forum 2020.

Please find here the FENS Forum 2020 promotional toolkit with online and offline materials.

Invite your peers and colleagues to join you 11-15 July in Glasgow for the latest edition of the FENS Forum.


Please find a selection of official web banners.

Add to your website, event calendar and email signature to effortlessly let people know about the Forum.


FENS Forum 2020 Email Signature Banner


FENS Forum 2020 Square Banner


FENS Forum 2020 Landscape Banner

PowerPoint Slides

Please find the official Fens Forum 2020 PowerPoint slide templates, that you can use when giving presentations:

FENS Forum 2020_PPT4.3

FENS Forum 2020_PPT16.9


Please find a link below to download the official Fens Forum 2020 letterhead template.

FENS Forum A4 Letterhead

Adverts and Print

Please find below various Fens Forum 2020 digital and printed adverts.

Forum 2020 Flyer A5 Digital_Dates

Forum 2020 Flyer A5 Print_Dates

FENS Forum 2020_Bookmark

Forum A3 Poster

Social Media

Our social media accounts are an excellent way to interact in a clear and user-friendly manner with anyone interested in neuroscience.

Connect to us on the below platforms and share content from FENS Forum 2020 with your network of colleagues.


Read more on our social media policy here.