Get a round-up of the hottest neuroscience research and conversations from each day of the Forum in the FENS 2020 Daily Podcast, with Malcolm Love and our team of Voluntary Press & Communication Assistants, Harry, Shruti and Anders.

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Today, they spoke with Jan Born (PL08), Seth Grant (SL10), Carmen Sandi (FENS President 2018-2020) and Jean-Antoine Girault (FENS President 2020-2022).

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Today, they spoke with Sonia Garel (PL07), Rui Costa (PL06), Tara Spires-Jones (SL08), Lisa Traunmüller (FKNE PhD Thesis Prize 2020) and Lars Kristiansen (FENS Executive Director).

Monday 13 July 2020

Today, they spoke with Angela Roberts (SL04), Carla Shatz (SL05), Johannes Gräff (SL06), Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (PL05), Erin Schuman (laureate of the ALBA-FKNE Diversity Prize 2020) and Dervila Glynn (SiE06 and Chair of the FENS Communication Committee).

Sunday 12 July 2020

Today, they spoke with Erin Schuman (PL02), Sheena Josselyn (PL03), Kate Jeffery (SiE13), Avishai Henik (laureate of the FKNE Mentoring Prize 2020, IL) and John Foxe (SiE02 and EJN Editor-in-Chief).

Saturday 11 July 2020

Today, they spoke with Anita Luthi (SL01), Trevor Robbins and Irene Tracey (SiE01), Eve Marder (PL01), Deepak Srivastava (S12) and Fritjof Helmchen, Chair of the FENS 2020 Programme Committee.

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