The FENS 2020 plenary lectures and special lectures will bring you the very latest neuroscience updates, from leading international experts.
Take a look at the sessions and speakers below and start planning your Glasgow schedule.

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Plenary Lectures

Saturday, 11 JulyPL01 – Fred Kavli Opening Lecture (18:00-19:00)

Differential resilience to perturbation of circuits with similar performance. Eve Marder (USA)

Sunday, 12 JulyPL02 – Plenary Lecture (08:30-09:30)

Local protein synthesis in neurons. Erin Schuman (DE)
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PL03 – Plenary Lecture (17:30-18:30)

The amygdala and memory: recalling the past, imaging the future. Sheena Josselyn (CA)

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Monday, 13 JulyPL04 – Plenary Lecture (08:30-09:30)

How development scaffolds adult hippocampal dynamics.Rosa Cossart (FR)
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PL05 – Presidential Lecture (17:30-18:30)

Neural mechanisms of environmental risk for psychiatric disorders. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (DE)

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Tuesday, 14 JulyPL06 – Plenary Lecture (08:30-09:30)

Discovering, reinforcing and refining actions. Rui Costa (USA)

PL07 – The ERA-NET Neuron Lecture (17:30-18:30)

Early cortical wiring and neuroimmune interactions. Sonia Garel (FR)

Wednesday, 15 JulyPL08 – Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute Lecture (08:30-09:30)

Sleep’s role in memory consolidation. Jan Born (DE)
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PL09 – Hertie Foundation Closing Lecture (13:00-14:00)

New approaches to studying intact brain structure and function. Karl Deisseroth (USA)

Special Lectures

Saturday, 11 JulySL01 – EJN Special Feature (14:15-15:15)

Mammalian sleep, varying in space and time. Anita Luthi (CH)
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At a glance at a face: early visual processing in young and older adults. Guillaume Rousselet (UK)

Sunday, 12 JulySL02 – The Brain Prize Lecture 2019 (13:30-15:00)

CADASIL before CADASIL. Marie-Germaine Bousser (FR)

CADASIL: a clinical model of ischemic small vessel disease. Hugues Chabriat (FR)

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Pathogenesis of small vessel diseases of the Brain: new insights from genetic models. Anne Joutel (FR)

Inherited cerebral small vessel disease genomics. Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve (FR)

SL03 IBRO – Kemali Prize Lecture (13:30-14:15)

From pecking order to Ketamine – Neural mechanisms of social and emotional behaviors. Hailan Hu (CN)

Monday, 13 JulySL04 – EBBS / Behavioural Brain Research Lecture (13:30-14:15)

Prefrontal circuits related to anhedonia and anxiety. Angela Roberts (UK)

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SL05 – EDAB / Max Cowan Special lecture (13:30-14:15)

Synapses lost and found: developmental critical periods and Alzheimer’s Disease. Carla Shatz (USA)

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SL06 – Boehringer – Ingelheim / FENS Research Award (13:30-14:15)

Epigenetic mechanisms in memory formation. Johannes Gräff (CH)

Tuesday, 14 JulySL07 – Eric Kandel Prize Lecture (13:30-14:15)

Glia make zebrafish ‘give up’ on futile behavior. Misha Ahrens (USA)

SL08 –  Host Society Special Lecture (13:30-14:15)

Neuron-Glia interactions in synapse degeneration in Alzheimer’s Disease. Tara Spires-Jones (UK)

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SL09 – ERA-Net NEURON / Excellent Papers in Neuroscience Award Lecture (13:00-14:15)

Wednesday, 15 JulySL10 – FENS – EJN Awards Lectures (11:45-12:45)

The synaptome: an epic journey in time and space. Seth Grant (UK)

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Prefrontal circuits for decision making. Laurence Hunt (UK)

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SL11 – EDAB – Lecture on Neuroethics (12:00-12:45)

Non-human primate models for neurobiology and biomedicine. Mu-Ming Poo (CN)