Explore the confirmed Official FENS Forum 2020 Satellite Events!

ID Event Name Start Date End Date
SE01 – The Role of Glial cells in the Era of Personalised Medicine July 15, 2020 July 15, 2020

Satellite Events are independent of but related to the FENS Forum 2020. Although Satellite Events are organised independently, they are highly recommended by the FENS Forum Committee. They all have qualified state-of the-art scientific programmes.

Satellite Events will be closely linked to the Forum dates and will run before and after the Forum.

It is no longer possible to submit a satellite event.

Satellite Events can be advertised on the FENS Forum 2020 website by their title, dates, city of venue and information on the organisers website. Satellites must be associated topically and geographically with the FENS Forum but must not overlap with the dates of the Forum, neither with the main topics of the FENS Forum programme. The organisation and all costs incurred are under the full responsibility of the organisers of the Satellite Event.
Acceptance of the proposal is subject to evaluation and decision by the chairman of the Programme Committee, within a few days after submission of the proposal.

A fee of €200 is required for announcement on the FENS Forum website and later in the E-Programme and the printed Programme book. The €200 fee covers a €150 listing fee on the FENS Forum website, E-Programme and the printed Programme book and €50 administrative charges.
An additional late fee of €100 will be charged for Satellite Event proposals submitted after 2 December 2019.

Satellite Event dates must be closely linked to those of the Forum, but must not overlap.

Satellite Events should be held at locations that can be reached from the venue of the Forum preferably within 1 hour but under no circumstances more than 2 hours of overland transportation.

The programme for Satellite Events should not overlap with the core topics of the established Programme of the Forum.

Totally independent of FENS. The organisation and the costs incurred are under the full responsibility of the organisers.

Satellite Events are announced by FENS only after approval by the chairman of the Programme Committee and processing of the fee payment.
Satellite organisers agree to advertise the FENS Forum on the Satellite website including the FENS logo and the link to the FENS Forum website.

Satellite organisers agree to communicate the attendance list for their satellite event, including names and email. This list will be used for FENS mailings and statistics. FENS will not distribute this list for commercial purposes.

For the Satellite Event organisers to advertise the FENS Forum 2020 on their website, please proceed with the following:

  1. In the head section of the web page, the following HTML code should be inserted in the home page of your website: <meta name=keywords content=FENS Forum, neuroscience conference, neuroscience meeting, FENS Forum 2020 >/
  2. On the home page, the proper label announcing the satellite event should contain:
    • A Satellite Event of the FENS Forum 2020, Glasgow with a link to https://forum2020.fens.org.
    • A logo for the FENS Forum is available to be inserted next to this line, whose size can be adapted to fit the lay-out of satellite website.

Satellite organisers may contact the FENS Professional congress organiser (Kenes International) for advice on and/or management of the event. However the organisation of the satellite event is fully under the organisers responsibility.