Dear Chairperson / speaker,

Please read the below points to help you plan the Q&A section of your session at the FENS 2020 Virtual Forum.

All symposia and workshops will have pre-recorded talks and end with a section of live Q&A including speakers and chairpersons of the session. 

  • Chairpersons – You are strongly encouraged to organise an informal coordinating meeting/ discussion among the speakers of your symposium in advance of the Forum. This will significantly help facilitating the intended flow of the session and help avoid overlap.
  • You will receive the link to enter the live Q&A section from a FENS Forum Project Manager a few days before the session. In case you do not receive this please contact:
  • Please be ready to enter the live Q&A well in advance of the official start of the Q&A in order for your internet speed and other technical issues to be checked by and resolved by a Forum technician. This will be approximately 30 minutes before the live Q&A but you will receive the exact time when you receive the link to enter the virtual room, a few days before the session. You may check your internet speed by performing an Internet speed test online: Your upload speed should ideally be above 8Mbps in order to avoid slow-speed issues.
  • There will be a technician in the virtual room with you to assist you and to guide you if you have any queries.
  • Participants will be able to ask questions to the panelists via the chat option whilst they view the lectures. These will be written questions and not audio questions. The questions will not be visible to the general audience. The chairperson’s role will be to read the questions and to decide which questions to make public. When a question is chosen please read it out to the audience.
  • The live section of the session needs to end on time as other sessions begin right after the session. If the session runs over time unfortunately, we will need to stop the session.
  • If there are not many questions waiting or the questions are of less importance/interest, the chairperson should take the lead in order to facilitate a lively discussion amongst the faculty.

Thank you for your efforts and time and we wish you lots of luck with your session.