Live Session

08:30-9:30 PL08 - Jan Born: Sleep’s role in memory consolidation (Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute Lecture)JOIN
09:30-10:30 SiE14 - Starting and mid-career PI hurdles (I)JOIN
09:30-10:30 SiE15 - Research Funding in Europe Post-COVID-19JOIN
09:30-10:30 SiE17 - INCF-21st century global neuroscience collaboration - sculpting a FAIR and Open landscapeJOIN
09:30-10:30 SiE19 - A path to therapies: key questions in dementia research - hosted by the UK Dementia Research Institute JOIN
11:30-12:00 SL11 - Mu-Ming Poo: Non-human primate models for neurobiology and biomedicine (EDAB - Lecture on Neuroethics)JOIN
13:00-14:30 S46 - Subventricular zone neurogenesis: novel mechanisms and migration patterns - Magdalena Götz, Julieta Alfonso, Mercedes Paredes, Dragos IntaJOIN
13:00-14:30 S44 - Neuronal circuit dissection in the central auditory system - Andrew King, Andrea Hasenstaub, Brice Bathellier, Tania BarkatJOIN
13:00-14:30 S48 - Genetic tools in rodents and primates: new frontiers - Yulong Li, Bosiljka Tasic, Hui Yang, Ian WickershamJOIN
13:00-14:30 S49 - Insights into brain architecture and behaviour from complete connectomes - Albert Cardona, Davi Bock, Marta Costa, Ashok Litwin-KumarJOIN
130:00-14:30 S50 - Local translational control in neural circuit development, synaptic plasticity and memory - Gerhard Schratt, Michael Kiebler, Florence Besse, Yishi JinJOIN
130:00-14:30 S51 - The time for serotonin has come: modulation of GABA in development, plasticity, cognition and disease - Angela de Stasi, Anna Cavaccini, Fanny Cazettes, Gabriele DeiddaJOIN
13:00-14:30 S52 - Flexible navigation and the insect central complex: insights from a multifaceted brain region - Thomas Collett, Yvette Fisher, Hannah Haberkern, Stanley HeinzeJOIN
13:00-14:30 S53 - Understanding memory networks: unravelling hippocampal-cortico-thalamic interactions - Gareth Barker, Magdalena Sauvage, Anna Mitchell, Charan RanganathJOIN
13:00-14:30 S54 - Brain-body interactions: crosstalk between the brain and other organs in physiology and disease - Alejandro Aballay, Diego Bohorquez, Akhila Rajan, Julia CorderoJOIN
13:00-14:30 S55 - Parvalbumin cells in neuropsychiatric disorders: genetics, metabolism and extracellular environment - Marta Florio, Daniella Dwir, Iryna Ethell, Laura BaroncelliJOIN
13:00-14:30 S56 - Gene-environment interactions modulating brain ageing, neurodegeneration and dementia - Melanie Meyer-Luehmann, Anthony Hannan, Gerd Kempermann, Anna StevensonJOIN
15:00-16:00 PL09 - Karl Deisseroth: New approaches to studying intact brain structure and function (Hertie Foundation Closing Lecture)JOIN
16:10-18:30 SE01 - The role of the Glial cells in the Era of Personalised MedicineJOIN